Inspections, Testing and Certifications

In order to comply with legislative requirements (eg; BS 7883 and EN365) Most Fall Protection equipment and systems will require annual Inspection and/or Testing, Re-Certification and where necessary periodic maintenance. This includes PPE.

Safehigher Safety Systems offer a comprehensive Inspection, Testing and Re-Certification Service in addition to routine and periodic maintenance. Any such inspection, test, and/or assessment that we carry out are accurately recorded and are duly reported as part of our inspections/testing and certifications service.

The results of Inspections and Testing are normally recorded by ‘Tagging’ (labelling) the equipment on site and further recording the results on a ‘Record of Inspection’ (Certificate) which is provided to our employer or party who commissioned the inspection and/or test.

Safehigher Safety Systems Ltd are able to Inspect, certify (re-inspect/re-certify) Test and Assess the following equipment/provisions associated with working and/or access at height:

Roof Anchor Lines (Life Lines)
Permanent and/or Counter Balanced Guardrails
Ballasted (Mobile) Roof Anchors
Class A1 Eyebolts
Permanent Access Ladders (KATT)
Rooflight (Skylight) Protections
Retractable Inertia Blocks
Suspended (overhead) Items

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