Fall Safety Nets

Fall Safety nets are horizontally erected guard nets with rope threaded into the edges of the mesh. The exact definition of this type of rope-edged safety net is system-S safety net conforming to EN 1263-1. The system-S category is further divided into four classes of net, based on their minimum breaking strength.

These have to meet the following requirements:

a) minimum strength of rope edge: 30 kN;
b) maximum mesh size: 60 mm or 100 mm;
c) minimum energy absorption of a 3 x 3 m test net.

As a standard solution for fall arrest nets that also need to protect people from falling objects, complete packages are available in standard sizes, in which the fall arrest net is already backed with an impermeable tarpaulin or an air-permeable fabric.

safety net

When installing nets, it is important to comply with EN 1263-2 and the new Working Height regulations. These regulations state that safety nets must be secured to suspension points that are no more than 2.50 m apart and capable of bearing their load. Each suspension point must be designed for a characteristic load of at least 6 kN. Nets are suspended using ropes, snap hooks, straps or clips.

fall arrest

Because in the last few years very serious injuries have occurred time and time again specifically due to the lack of dome light safety systems, the demand for a mobile safety system is increasing for the protection of persons during roof work. During maintenance work or even specifically in clearance work in winter, the potential source of danger of dome lights is often underestimated and unfortunately is often the result of more and more fatal work accidents.

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